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Our Topic Request and Commenting Policy

Never the Right Word is a place for people to learn how to strengthen their relationships via effective communication and find helpful suggestions within a community of like-minded people. 

Unfortunately, the anonymity of the internet can cause some people to believe it is acceptable to behave in an inappropriate manner. To make Never the Right Word a positive community, we simply delete such topic requests or comments. 

NTRW Topic Request and Commenting Policy 
We will not respond to a request or comment if it 
  1. is unfriendly or impolite to the author of the post or any other commenter 
  2. advocates an illegal practice 
  3. uses vulgar, profane, or unnecessarily harsh language
  4. targets a specific demographic of people in a derogatory, racist, or hateful way
  5. advocates abuse of animals or other living creatures
  6. is spam or appears to be written primarily to post a link or promote goods or services
  7. infringes on the rights of another
  8. aims to impose extreme personal, political, and religious beliefs
  9. is written anonymously
  10. contains copyrighted material not licensed for distribution on the site
  11. impersonates another user
  12. is off-topic 

…the comment or request may be deleted by Never the Right Word moderators. The deletion of comments is wholly within the discretion of the moderator and Never the Right Word, and their decision will not be reconsidered. 

If you disagree with another commenter... 

The intention for allowing comments on Never the Right Word is to allow visitors to share their opinions and knowledge. Please speak up if you disagree with the author of a post or another commenter; HOWEVER, you must do so in a polite and respectful manner. If a commenter disagrees and does so in an impolite or unfriendly way the comment will be removed. 

Important Legal Information 

The opinions of commenters and guest posters on Never the Right Word or its social media sites are not those of its owners or associates.  If we miss deleting an inappropriate comment, it is not an endorsement of said comment. 

The comments on this site are not owned by Never the Right Word and only the individual commenter is liable for its comments. 

Any person or person(s) who find a comment or guest post on this site that violates these guidelines or misuses the intellectual property of another should immediately contact Never the Right Word via our contact form.


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Please note: we can’t answer every topic we receive, but we answer as many as we can. Topics and questions exceeding 500 words have less chance of being responded to unless we feel like the answer will help many people. Be aware that your topic may be published or paraphrased here or in other media. However, all questions will be kept anonymous. ​

By submitting a topic request, you consent for your email address to be added to our mailing list. Your email address is only used to send you our newsletter and NTRW updates. We dislike spam email as much as you do and promise you’ll only hear from us when we have something we think you’ll want to hear about. You can always use the unsubscribe link included in the newsletter.

We also wanted to give a heads up to all our lovely visitors who like to send us generic messages asking to guest post for unrelated niches or topics of that nature. We would kindly like to remind you that we do not participate in non-organic link-building strategies. Unfortunately, we automatically delete these messages without reading, and our spam filtering system keeps the follow-up messages out of our inbox. Hopefully, this has saved you some valuable time!

What We’re About.

We’ve all been there. We‘ve got something that needs to be said but our fear of causing offense; being misinterpreted, or destroying our opportunities delay us from speaking up. Sometimes we just don’t know what to say.

You care about the consequences and want the best for both parties, so you turn to Google to ask, how? The wealth of information at our fingertips leads to hours spent sifting through the chatter and obsessing over the perfect response, till now.

At Never the Right Word our mission is simple. We provide you with free insightful and articulate, email, letter and text templates, written to give you the confidence to say it better no matter the circumstance.

Whilst we can’t guarantee each individual person’s response, with our tried and tested approaches you can be sure you’ll put your best foot forward with us. We want you to become a better communicator, build stronger relationships, and ultimately be a happier you.

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