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How to Deal with Students Who Bully Teachers

How to Deal with Students Who Bully Teachers

When kids figure out that words can hurt, they can be absolutely brutal to their peers. However, some students have the audacity to go one step further and test their bullying skills on teachers. After all, there’s no better prize than emotionally scarring an adult. To make matters worse, you, as...

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What to Say to Families of Accident Victims

What to Say to Families of Accident Victims

Life does not treat everyone fairly. While some of us are more fortunate than others, some of us deal with heavy problems. Maybe you were dealt a better hand in life, and you've noticed there are people around you who are less fortunate. If you have ever had a family member who has been in a...

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Self Talk to Promote Wellbeing During Isolation

Self Talk to Promote Wellbeing During Isolation

In the 21st century, the most anticipated and expected thing happened. We found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic, and we had to go under lockdown for a very long time. Nobody can say we didn't see that coming. We knew it was a matter of time, yet we were unprepared for it. But the problem of...

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5 Strategies to Reconcile With an Ex You Dumped

5 Strategies to Reconcile With an Ex You Dumped

You have just broken up with your ex, but now you feel anxious because you realize you might have made a mistake? You now want your ex back because you believe you made a stupid mistake by breaking up, and you don't know how to fix it. How do you get your ex back, mostly when they are avoiding...

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7 Topics for Engaging Isolated Seniors

7 Topics for Engaging Isolated Seniors

During the pandemic, seniors and shut-ins are one of the most vulnerable groups to loneliness and isolation. Those at greater risk to the pandemic are either under stricter visitation guidelines and shielding, whether at home or in assisted living communities. Not making a conscious effort to...

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How to Virtually Support a Terminally Ill Friend

How to Virtually Support a Terminally Ill Friend

When a friend or loved one is dealing with a terminal illness, we want to be there in person to provide comfort. But now, during our times of long-distance, social distancing, and quarantining, we know that now, more than ever, being there in-person isn't always possible. Our need for belonging to...

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Business and Career Discussions

Boost your prospects by strengthening your interpersonal skills.

Handling Conflict and Complaints

Turn negative situations around by dealing with conflicts effectively.

Dating and Relationship Discussions

Watch your intimate relationships flourish.

Dealing with Loss and Rejection

Eloquently express your sympathy in life's most difficult moments.

Email and Letter Templates

Template letters and emails written to help you find what to say with ease.

Discussing Health and Wellness

Help others and spread the word without causing offence.

Dealing with Life Events or Advice

Eloquently deal with life's tricky conversations.

Discussing Money and Finances

Comfortably discuss taboo topics without embarrassment.

Talking to Friends and Family

Communicate with those most important to you.

Discussing Politics and Opinions

Comfortably navigate tricky topics such as politics.

Discussing Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality need not be a scary topic.

Texts and Messaging Templates

Template text messages created for you to send a quick response.

What We’re About.

We’ve all been there. We‘ve got something that needs to be said but our fear of causing offense; being misinterpreted, or squashing our opportunities delays us from speaking up. Sometimes we just don’t know what to say.

You care about the consequences and want the best for both parties, so you turn to Google to ask, how? The wealth of information at our fingertips leads to hours spent sifting through the chatter and obsessing over the perfect response, till now.

Our mission is simple. We provide you with free insightful and articulate, email, letter and text templates, written to give you the confidence to say it better no matter the circumstance.

Whilst we can’t guarantee each individual person’s response, with our tried and tested approaches you can be sure to put your best foot forward. We want you to become a better communicator, build stronger relationships, and ultimately be a happier you.

To find out more about the team and see our highly recommended resources, please visit the About NTRW page.

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